Impact of Resting Areas on Consumer Store Choice


  • A.S.Suresh Associate Professor, Institute of Management, Christ University, Bengaluru, Ph.D Scholar, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Vishwawamaha Vidyalaya University, Kanchipuram, India


Retail, Resting Areas, store choice, shopping experience, Atmospherics


In this era where retailers find it difficult to achieve differentiation through pricing, promotion, product and place, the store shopping experience itself becomes a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, this research study is undertaken about resting areas, in order to understand the influence of resting areas on shopping experience and store choice decision from the shopper’s perspective. A survey of retail shoppers was conducted and exploratory factor analysis used to identify factors of resting area and store choice decision factors. One way Anova, regression is employed to find out commonalities and differences among different categories of retail stores with respect to importance of resting areas.

This study revealed eight decision making factors from the shoppers’ perspective: of which one was Resting Areas which is used for the study to further garner insights. Identifying store choice decision factors gives a better understanding about patronage motives than when it is applied to the market as a whole. This enables retail managers to develop the appropriate retailing strategies with respect to resting areas to satisfy each segment.


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