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The only revenue for the journal is the publication fee as the journal does not accept any advertisements.<br />All scholars who want to publish with R-World, are recommended to read our policies carefully before submitting their manuscript.</p> <p><strong> Call for Papers - Volume XV, Issue 1, 2024</strong></p> <p> <sup>Please submit to <a href=""></a>or <a href="">Click here </a>as per <a href="">Submission Guidelines</a></sup></p> R-World Publications, India en-US Researchers World - International Refereed Social Sciences Journal Rise and Development of St. Petersburg State University – A Case Study <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> The main purpose of the article is to analyze the perspective role of the development of new campuses with its alterations in the infrastructure of universities from the point of view of a convenient learning environment for students and development zone of an urban cluster and the infrastructure of the district uniting research centers of the university and attract key partners from the real sector of the economy. The purpose of this study was to analyze the development of St. Petersburg State University (SPbU) territory and the technological valley "Innovative Scientific and Technological Centre (INTC) SPbU "Nevskaya Delta”, and analyze the current state of arrangement and location of the university campus and its dormitories. <strong>Methodology:</strong> This study used an exploratory and thematic analysis of the St. Petersburg State University and the construction of a new development area is used as a basis for this project. When considering the construction of the university campus, the current problems of the university related to the location of dormitories and main buildings of the university were also considered. The prospects for the construction of a new campus were analysed and recommendations were made. The methodology of this research is based on the systematic literature review. <strong>Findings:</strong> The paper assessed the relevance of the development area plotting at St. Petersburg and considers the relationship between the university and the city as complementary parts of improving the city's areas. Summing up the results, it can be concluded that campus solutions cause transformation not only in the university sphere but also have a positive effect on the infrastructure of districts and the city as a whole. <strong>Originality:</strong> This paper provides a comprehensive picture of rise and development of the SPbU. The functional interaction between the city and the university campus was examined, comparing them with the already-built spaces of the university and those planned for construction.</p> Mariia Slastunova Prof. Ravinder Rena Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 01 09 A Comprehensive Study on Pre-Retirement Planning amongst Botswana Public Officers <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> The main purpose of this paper was to comprehensively assess the level of knowledge of pre-retirement planning for public officers in the Central District Council of Botswana. Specifically, the paper assessed the pre-retirement planning awareness of public officers by looking at the variables of financial education and retirement investment. In addition, the paper gauged the retirement preparedness of employees nearing retirement by assessing the psychosocial aspects of attitude towards retirement and retirement counselling preparedness. <strong>Methodology: </strong>the paper adopted a descriptive research design. Using a random sampling method which targeted 100 respondents, a population paper on 62 respondents was conducted, translating to a 62% response rate. The Questionnaires were used for data collection and the results were analysed using description statistics which included frequency tables, pie charts and graphs. <strong>Findings</strong> revealed that most public officers are aware of retirement planning and those employees falling within retirement age brackets of 45 years old and above, tend to have positive attitudes towards retirement planning. <strong>Implications</strong>: the paper concluded by observing that majority of public servants does not plan well for their retirement. Therefore, the concept of retirement planning should be introduced in the initial part of public officers’ work life. <strong>Originality</strong> this paper strategically provides and impetus for the retirement planning and investment among pubic officers in Botswana.&nbsp;The paper assessed pre-retirement planning in the concept of financial retirement planning, as well as the psycho-social aspect of retirement planning.</p> Prof. Tshukudu T. Theo Prof. Ravinder Rena Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 10 21 Riding on Digital Transformation to increase the Women and Youth employment in the post-COVID-19 Era – A Study on Zimbabwe <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> The main purpose of this paper is to shed a light on the employment-to-population ratio of women in Africa continues to trail behind men, despite a gradual increase in their participation in the paid labour force. This discrepancy can be attributed to historical factors during previous industrial revolutions, where women were excluded from the labour force due to the focus on labour-intensive mass production, and their prioritization of family commitments. However, with the rise of technology and cyber-physical systems in subsequent industrial revolutions, more women have started engaging in paid employment. The work-from-home concept, highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic, showcased the feasibility of remote work arrangements, providing an opportunity for African policymakers to empower women and youth by revisiting their policies. <strong>Methodology:</strong> This&nbsp; study was conducted on this context to discover&nbsp; a practical knowledge on the digital transformation of the women and youth&nbsp; with&nbsp; a&nbsp; major&nbsp; focus&nbsp; on&nbsp; the &nbsp;Zimbabwean&nbsp; context.&nbsp; To achieve this objective, an empirical review of previous works of literature on digital transformation and work from home was conducted. The study based on the thematic analysis of the data obtained from literature review. To support our research objectives, we conducted a thorough literature search using thematic analysis and developed a skills framework. <strong>Implications:</strong> Exploring the work-from-home concept, we aim to provide a comprehensive framework outlining the necessary skills for the upcoming fifth industrial revolution, which demands a workforce capable of effectively interacting with technological devices. <strong>Originality: </strong>This paper contributes as an intellectual hub; universities can use the framework to design courses empowering marginalized groups, especially women, aligning with national policies for inclusive economic growth and societal development in a post-Covid-19 world.</p> Garikayi Emmanuel Gondo Prof. Lorna B. Holtman Prof. Ravinder Rena Dr. Colleen Gail Moodley Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 22 33 Impact of Peer Influence and Personality Traits on Impulsive Buying Behaviour among Malaysian University Students <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of personality traits and peer influence on impulsive buying behaviour among Malaysian university students. <strong>Methodology:</strong> This is to be observed by measuring the characteristics of students and the people with whom they interact, which may or may not&nbsp;influence their purchasing behaviour. A quantitative research methodology has been used in this study, along with descriptive analysis research approach. <strong>Findings</strong><strong>:</strong> The sample size for this study was 184 students gathered from all full-time diploma, foundation, and undergraduate students from Malaysian universities and was collected using a snowball sampling method. <strong>Implications</strong><strong>:</strong> According to the data collected from the target audience, Peer Influence, Extraversion, and Openness to Experience, all have a significant role in encouraging an individual to buy impulsively. <strong>Originality</strong><strong>:</strong> However, this study's findings failed to identify any significant relationships between Agreeableness and Impulsive Buying Behaviour.</p> Adam Rozman Hezlina Mohd Hashim Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 34 47 The Impact of Stepfamily Structures and their Dynamics on the Phenomenon of Children Living and Working on the Streets in the North-West Province of South Africa <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> There is a concerning increase in children living on South African streets. This surge is influenced by poverty, family instability, parental separation, domestic violence and child maltreatment. Research suggests that stepfamily environments tend to be unstable and characterized by strained relationships, making them less ideal than traditional family structures. This paper aims to investigate the impact of stepfamily dynamics on the prevalence of children living and working on the streets in South Africa. <strong>Methodology</strong>: Attachment theory is used, and it draws upon qualitative data gathered from a Ph.D. study. The dataset consists of information collected from 15 street children receiving services at two drop-in centres in the North West Province, South Africa, and their parents (total: 30 participants). In-depth interviews were conducted in Setswana. Data were manually coded, and (sub-) themes were analysed. Ethical approval was obtained from North-West University. <strong>Findings:</strong> The study reveals that a lower proportion of children emerged from nuclear families (13%) and extended families (14%) as compared to those from single-parent families (40%) and stepfamilies (33%). A separate paper looked at the single parent family. It is important to explore stepfamily and single parent family dynamics separately, as they have unique family processes. This paper specifically looks at various dynamics in stepfamily structures, where children cited mistreatment by stepparents as the primary reason for them turning to the streets. <strong>Implications:</strong> It is essential to strengthen family and children’s policies, to encourage parents to engage in social programs and receive support from social workers, and to facilitate their adaptation to stepfamilies and stepchildren. <strong>Originality: </strong>This is one of the first papers that explores the impact of stepfamily structures and their dynamics on the phenomenon of children living and working on the streets in South Africa</p> Dr. Karabo Mohapanele Dr. Kiran Odhav Dr. Nompumelelo Zungu Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 48 57 Perceptions of Parents and Teachers on the use of 4IR Technologies in Rural Schools of Rustenburg Local Municipality <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>The primary aim of this study is to explore the perceptions of parents and teachers on the use of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies in rural schools. <strong>Methodology: </strong>The study employed semi-structured face-to-face interviews to collect information from the participants. A total of 12 participants were purposively recruited for this study. The <strong>findings</strong> of the study are as follows: technologies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, tablets and cell phones were frequently used. The choice of the types of technologies used were heavily influenced by skills and knowledge obtained prior to the roll out of digital transformation, while economic and services delivery related factors also contributed.&nbsp; Furthermore, the study discovered that the use of these technologies is a challenge for both parents and teachers. Parents are confronted with the inability to be involved in their children’ schoolwork owing to factors such as low literacy, poverty and unemployment. Teachers also have challenges in facilitating classes using these technologies due to the misuse of devices by learners, their inability to use these technologies, or poor connectivity and electrical power issues relating to load shedding. <strong>Implications: </strong>The findings suggest that the use of technology in schools could help improve education provided that necessitated conditions such as ICT training and equitable distribution of such resources are met. <strong>Originality: </strong>At the height of COVID 19 and the increased use of ICTs, the paper sought to examine the views of parents and teachers in South Africa.</p> James Sipho Sishuba Dr. Kiran Odhav Copyright (c) 2023 R-World Publications, India 2023-10-20 2023-10-20 14 01 58 69