Effectiveness of the Career Guidance Program and the Employability of the Graduates of Isabela State University during the School Year 2010-2015


  • Judilyn G. Buraga Department of Social Sciences, College of Development Communication and Arts and Sciences, Isabela State University, Garita Heights, Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines
  • Dr. Rosalia T.Caballero, Advisor and Faculty University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School, Espana, Manila, Philippines


effectiveness, career guidance, employability of graduates


The career and placement unit in school is one of the services embodied in the guidance program that prepares the students for their future careers. The career counselors implement career services to help students determine their interests in the field of work and showcase their strengths and capabilities.

The study aimed at identifying the career guidance program that attributed to the employability of the graduates of Isabela State University. The study analyzed the effectiveness and the extent of the relationship of the career guidance program to the employability of the graduates. It utilized a convenience sampling technique. Moreover, the questionnaire used was patterned in ASCA National Standards for career development. The CHED questionnaire for tracer studies was utilized to trace the employability of graduates. The study included 1,169 respondents from Angadanan, Cabagan and Cauayan campuses. The statistical tools used are Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Pearson-r, Eta Coefficient, Chi-Square, F-ratio and one-way ANOVA.

Results showed that there is significant difference in the effectiveness of the career guidance program among the three campuses and their employability., Significant difference was also found among the three campuses on the employability of their graduates such as waiting time for the first job, employment status, gross monthly income, present occupation, and place of work. But, there was no significant correlation found in the number of jobs since graduation,  nature of work, number of employees in present company and length of service in each job. The correlation on the effectiveness and extent of career guidance program to employability of graduates is significant at 0.05 level.

Thus, the career guidance program of the Isabela State University has contributed effectively to the employability of their graduates.


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