Exploring the Determinants of E-Service Quality in E-Retailing


  • Dr. Manpreet Kaur Assistant Professor L.R.D.A.V College, Jagroan, India


service quality, e-retailing


The expeditious development of technology and the internet has diverted the company direction to retain customer satisfaction by providing superior service quality. It is becoming an area of great interest for companies and it has a straight impact on the profitability of a company. With regard to client service quality significance, we investigate the determinants of service quality which affects customers. Measurement and improvement of electronic service quality is important for keeping competitive advantage of an e-retail site. If online retailers understand what dimensions customers use to evaluate quality, they can take appropriate actions to monitor and enhance performance on those dimensions and remedy service failures. This paper focuses on investigating the effective factors in successful electronic retailing. In order to test the factors a questionnaire survey was designed and questionnaires were sent to online customers of e-retailing; the sample consisted of 452 respondents. By applying exploratory factor analysis and structural equation model we found that responsiveness, security, reliability, Website design, ease of use and personalization are the six leading factors which affects consumer opinion of e-retailing.


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