Students Learning Experiences on the delivery of E-Learning Modality during the Covid-19 pandemic: a case study of the Senior High School Students of MSU-LNCAT (Philippines)


  • Sinab Mustari Association Professor Mindanao State University Lanao National College of Arts and Trade, Philippines


E-Learning Platforms, Covid-19, Learning Motivations, Distance Learning, E-Learning, Lesson Delivery


Purpose: In response to the virus's spread, school administrators joined the call to cancel physical education classes after President Rodrigo Duterte imposed a lockdown during the early Covid-19 outbreak in the Philippines. As a result, the classes were converted to online classes. However, there are difficulties and challenges in terms of student and teacher experiences with the aforementioned online classes. This study was conducted to determine the awareness and knowledge of senior high school students about e-platforms that teachers use to deliver classes during school closures. Additionally, this study is designed to also learn about the students' practices when using the electronic platforms mentioned. Students' challenges and difficulties were also taken into account when using the platform. A change in learning motivation in the electronic environment was also provided. Methodology: This study used a quantitative approach with a descriptive design. Descriptive statistical tools were used in order to provide descriptive analysis of the data. The instrument used is a researcher's made survey questionnaire which has undergone a pilot test to assess its reliability and accuracy. Findings: Findings revealed that the majority of respondents were aware of and informed about the possibility of using social media apps to continue their classes. With the exception of utilizing headphones, the students demonstrate positive practices in using the e-platform during their online class. The experiences and difficulties students had during online classes, as well as their preference between traditional and online classes, were also addressed. Implications This study implies that the school and its administrators should, whenever possible, enhance their instructional approaches for online classes. In order for teachers to make the most of the online class, school administrators should also increase teachers' readiness, particularly their knowledge of social media tools. Originality This is likely the first published study that discusses the use of electronic platforms used in online classes and the experiences and difficulties faced by the students. Up until this point, no study had been published that examined the experiences and challenges of online classes in Marawi City, Philippines.


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