Improving the Ability to Administer Psychological Test Result through Practicing Lee-Thorpe Occupational Interest Test

A. R. Koesdyantho ., Lydia Ersta K. .


Purpose of the research: The research aims at improving the ability of the students in carrying out, administering, and making appropriate recommendation for clients to psychological test Lee-Thorpe Occupational Interest Test. Methodology: The type of research is action research for guidance and counseling adapted from a classroom action research. The subject of research is 4th semester students of Guidance and Counseling, Universitas Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta in the academic year of 2019/2020. The roadmap of the research is begun with preparation phase with giving a training about Lee-Thorpe Occupational Interest Test, where the students are introduced about how to be a tester and how to be real testees. Findings : In the action step, the students are trained to administer the result, to enter in the formula, and to make a recommendation (based on cycle 1). Based on the weakness in cycle 1, the students are trained in order to make a recommendation well and to communicate to the testees (in cycle 2). Implications: The tester is accepted by the testees and they feel satisfied in receiving the result of recommendation based on their own interest. Originality: In this research, the novelty is the use of action research in Guidance and Counseling program.


Occupational Interest Test, Administering Test Result, Recommendation.

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