Skill Required for Effective Management Practices

Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar .


The manager’s situation is characterized by a high degree of dependence on individuals and organizations over whom the manager has either limited or no managerial authority. His or her effectiveness will depend on conceptual, human, and negotiating skills as well as, to a lesser extent, on technical skills. Managers and supervisors in livestock production is necessary to guide selection, training, task assignment, and promotion. Project managers functioning within a matrix organizational structure and Championing large- scale initiatives are in a communication paradigm unparalleled by any other management position. Excellent interpersonal, or soft skills, are necessary requisites for success. Additionally, research is revealing that leading is preferable to managing a project team, and that the leadership style of the project manager directly impacts the outcome of the project. This study examined the perceptions of human resource managers and business school instructors regarding the importance of 24 specific business communication skills.

The enactment of both patterns constituted emotional balancing and facilitated organizational adaptation. Taken together, they offer a comprehensive and thorough look at the immense leadership challenges and skills necessary for successfully navigating the minefields of project management. The paper will identify that it predominantly emphasises the required ‘hard (technical) skills’ at the expense of the ‘soft (human) skills’. Employers want new employees to have strong soft skills, as well as hard skills. This study identified the top 10 soft skills as perceived the most important by business executives: integrity, communication, courtesy, responsibility, social skills, positive attitude, professionalism, flexibility, teamwork, and work ethic.

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