Influence of Green Marketing on Customers Buying Behaviour

Oshma Rosette Pinto .


The study aims to provide an insight of customer empowerment in terms of green marketing and customer buying behavior. The reason for the concept of green marketing has evolved due to the collapsing of our natural assets like eruption of soil, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, and other environment hazards.  

Here the study is focused on how to evaluate the relationship between green marketing tools and customers buying behavior and to understand the government policies that help in formulating green marketing policies.

The data is collected through questionnaire where it is divided into six sections. The first part is for demographic details. Second part focuses on customers perceiving on environmental awareness. The third part focuses on pricing, fourth on product features, fifth focuses on promotion and the last is on our dependent variable customer buying behavior. The tools used for analysis is factor analysis, Descriptive and multiple regression analysis.

From the study we find that  the respondents agree that the environment awareness are helpful in providing content about the eco-friendly products, the other factors fall in line with the customer buying behavior. The hypothesis results show that the there is a significant relationship between Green product features and customer’s buying behavior.

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