A Study on Recruitment and Placement in Bhel

Dr. S. Poongavanam .


Recruitment is a core function in Human Resource Management. Successful recruitment, selection and placement practices are key components at the entry point of human resources in an organization. Companies are implementing latest technology in the recruitment process. There employees are given an interview, comfortably at their home with an internet connection and a web cam through I-Studio a video based platform by the company. Recruitment process ends after placement offered to the candidate. A good recruitment process helps the company to find a potential and achievable employee for the betterment of the company.  This article focuses on the different sources of recruitment followed by the company in order to attract the talent and experience employees to achieve the goals. It also analyzed on placement given to the employees are as expected by them. The article concludes that majority of employees are highly satisfied with the recruitment and placement process followed by the company.

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