Job Satisfaction among the Public Bank Employees: A Study of Hisar City

Ashok Kumar Dhaka ., Amit Kumar Badgujjar .


Job Satisfaction is the result of various attitudes the person hold towards his job, towards related factors and towards life in general. Hence Job satisfaction is a pleasant and positive attitude possessed by an employee towards his job as well as his life. The present study is to find out the satisfaction level regarding their jobs among the bank employees. A sample of 72 respondents was selected randomly  from Hisar city  with null hypothesis i.e. the demographic factors of the respondents such as gender, qualification status, age and experience have no significant difference towards their jobs among the bank employees.. For measuring various phenomena and analyzing the collected data effectively and efficiently for drawing sound conclusions, ANOVA test has been used. It is found that there is significant difference between experience of respondents regarding perks, salary, job security, employee welfare scheme and rewards but as far as working hours, training and development, duty and responsibility, working environment, work culture, promotional polices and strategies, co-operation, co-ordination, authority and plan, management information system and unity of command and direction are concerned there is no significant difference in the responses of respondents in various age groups.

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