Entrepreneurial Inclination Levels of Degree and Post Graduate Students: A Study in Manipur

Puyam Dholendro Singh ., Prof. Haomom Ramananda Singh ., Prof. Amrit Lal Ghosh .


It is often well acknowledged by experts that Entrepreneurship contributes more competitiveness and dynamism among others factors of development. In India too government’s massive funding allocation policies for the support of entrepreneurship especially for MSME were widely seen. Despite the existence of such policies for many years India’s North Eastern region in general and Manipur in particular still remain backward. Registered unemployed youth of Manipur were heightened alarmingly in recent years. Captivatingly whereas, Manipur has been India’s strategically important transit state for foreign trade towards south East Asian region from time immemorial. But this alarming unemployment rate in important trade transit state like Manipur were many can start entrepreneurial activities easily is disappointing. One main reason for this unemployment could be the indifferent attitude of current graduates towards entrepreneurship. So, this descriptive research is to study inclination of youths, particularly students towards entrepreneurship as a career. One very significant finding of the research study is that an early introduction of entrepreneurial related studies could help to achieve early inclination of youths towards entrepreneurship as a career. Hence developing policy to promote entrepreneurship at younger stage of student in general would help them become entrepreneurs at an early age and ripe the fruit of this dynamic wealth creating process sooner than later.

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