Security Analysis of selected Stocks with Reference to IT Sector

Dr. B. Krishnaiah ., G. Kiran ., B. Chinni .


Purpose: The aim of carrying out this analytical study is that the Indian stock market is affected by various issues such as scams and pandemic Covid-19. Hence every investor wants to analyze the performance of various sectors while investing in various financial assets i.e. stocks, bonds, debentures, gold are profitable as well as risky. The investor has the need to aware about the fundamental as well as technical analysis, knowledge to handle about the risk of financial assets. While investing in securities, the investor has to finalize his decision on the basis of rational and emotional perspective. Technical analysis helps to investor in investment decision making by forecasting the stock price which would be helpful in formulating buy-sell-hold decision and risk of those securities. Methodology: This article aims at security valuation of selected software companies listed under BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) for a period of five years i.e. from 2015-2019march. The tools used for analysis of securities are standard deviation and variance analysis. Findings: This paper identifies that the Market Capitalization of Infosys achieved high (847.40%) during the study period when compared with Wipro. It was concluded that there was high fluctuations in price movement of AGR of WIPRO when compared to INFOSYS because it was very sensitive stock. Implications: This study applicable to all sectors wherever applicable and it is desirable that carried-out by any investor while investing in securities. Originality: As of now, no researcher has reported such of analytical study and the available literature is limited to few studies in stock market analysis in specific sectors in general way.

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